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Oct 31

Question after buying the 747-8 v2. Things that work well in Version 1 are not working in Version 2.


Edited: Oct 31

1. Turned off FMC of Center pedestal always? In V1, it works.

2. toga button not working. In V1, the toga button works well.

3. FMC input problems. I tried input airways NZQN ANPO4D TIMJO Q787 MAMUS Q462 TU Q196 ELDAK ELDA3A NZCH. --> Q787, Q462, Q196 were not recognized.



toga button not working




tried input airways NZQN ANPO4D TIMJO Q787 MAMUS Q462 TU Q196 ELDAK ELDA3A NZCH.



IN V1. It's ok.




I have also noticed similar and variable issues with FMC. I don't know how to report them to developers, because they are quite random. Some log file ? I have version V1 and V2 FMC behaves totally different...If there are some major changes happened in V2 FMC, can we have some information from programming process ? I am also using Haversine AirFMC, but that doesn't work at all in practise..


Best regards, Jari

Nov 1Edited: Nov 1

Thank you. But I want to believe that they will solve all the problems and eventually make a great Queen. I don't think it will be too difficult to solve these problems. I want to let them know about these problems, but I don't know how.

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