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May 22

Wellcome to the new SSG support Forum


Hello all, I'm trying to sort out an issue with an older EMB195 repaint. It claims to be missing the Fuselage_LIT.png texture. Its present in the folder. Not sure whats going on. I've got a copy of the log and a screen shot if needed. Tried uploading it but it seemed to have freaked out the forum. Any suggestions/help would be great.

Hi pay attention to lower case, that is only I see could be.

Hello Ricardo, Thanks for the suggestion, I did managed to get it sorted. I copied and replaced the file from another repaint and it now works. Something about the file is off, however its fixed with a simple removal and replacement. It is an older repaint as I said and i'm probably one of the few people out here flying with the old JAL colors on a regular basis. Keep up the good work and have a good day!

Hey! can i have help with my flight planning. I am doing my flight planning right and normally but when i try to get sid to departure or arrival the sid category is empty? What does that mean????

Nov 9

What is the news on corrections to 748 V2, especially the FMC? TKS