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This is a package including the two advanced E-Jets by SSG:

E-195 Evolution

Advanced FMS and Navigation system

  •     Custom-built FMS (done by FJCC)  designed for the SSG Evolution Series

  •     SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, flare and rollout modes.

  •     FMS is compatible with Navigraph navigation databases.

  •     Manufacturer's performance data embedded as tables in the fully functional FMS.

  •     Option to use either a 2D pop-up (resizable) MCDU or one within the 3D cockpit.

  •     Radio communication audio consoles optimized for on-line virtual ATC operations.

High-Res 3D models    

Custom systems and Flight Model

DreamEngine Sound System

Comes with a comprehensive documentation


processor i5, i7, 8gb RAM, 2GB Vram

X- plane 11.30

Windows ,Mac, Linux


Stick controller with minimum 4 buttons.

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