The Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) was formed in 2011, to provide quality add-ons of modern airliners for the X-Plane community.

SSG members bring varied knowledge and skills to their development work, and the team includes pilots (with real world experience on the Boeing 747-8, 747 Classic, 747-400, 737NG, Airbus A320, Canadair CRJ, Embraer ERJ-170/175 and BAe Jetstream 32), aircraft designers, programmers, graphic designers, 3D modelers and system administrators. This collection of skilled individuals will be able to do much more than a single person could.

SSG is composed of the following members…

Ricardo Bolognini - Lead developer
Stefan Keller - Manuals, product testing and research

Javier Cortés - Lead programmer
George Garrido -  Graphic Design and 3D modeling
Konstantinos (Kostas) Koronakis - Graphic design
Jordan Palmer - 3D modeling

Technical Consultants (Real world airline pilots and mechanics/engineers)

Tim Gleason
Sean Kelley
Jason Harbison
Wilfredo Cabrera
Steven Takasu
Jean Landreville
Sam Iacono

Visit us often for sneak previews and for discussions of our development work.

We are very excited at what SSG will be able to share with the X-Plane community, and we hope you will too.