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SSG Boeing 747-8 anniversary edition

  Intercontinental and Freighter fuselages closely modeled on the real one with many details.
  Wing flex and nacelle animations.
  Each door can be opened individually and is very detailed.
  Almost all parts that can open/move on the aircraft are modeled.
  Many external details such as a satellite antenna, tail camera (Intercontinental) and various vents, drains, etc.
  Vertical and horizontal stabilizers with added details, such as fuel vent (Intercontinental).
  Detailed nacelles and engines with many details and animations.
  Detailed landing gear/gear doors with proper animation.
  Leading and trailing edge flaps, detailed flap mechanisms and proper animations (such as partial retraction of leading edge flaps during reverse thrust).
  Speedbrakes/spoilers with accurate function and logic for individual panels.
  Interiors with seats, galleys, lavatory and crew rest, with stairs to lower deck and some animations.
  Separate and animated windshield wipers with accurate timing and rate.
  Functioning Ram Air Turbine (RAT).
  Cut passenger windows with “glass” panes.
  Pilot figures (can be hidden).
  Animated Angle of Attack (AOA) vanes.
  Fans windmill when engines are off.
  Several blocked windows on the Intercontinental.
  Various cargo types on Freighter main deck.
  Visible fuel vapor during fuel jettisoning.
  Custom external lights design with realistic width, direction and range.

  Detailed 3D cockpit with enhanced PBR textures and accurate differences between the Intercontinental and Freighter models.
  Detailed overhead, forward, pedestal, side panels and window frames with most buttons/switches modeled and animated.
  Detailed cockpit seats.
  Functional Tiller.
  High resolution displays.

  Flight dynamics tested by real 747 pilots and mechanics.
  Custom electrical with system logic and switching, buses, sources and ties.
  Custom hydraulics with system pressures simulated on all 4 bottle press systems plus brakes.
  Custom brake system with autobrake, antiskid, functional tiller and hydraulic system dependency.
  Gear system with sensed tire pressure, wheel temperature and associated advisory messages.
  Custom fuel system with accurate tank loading and feeding with :
   Fuel feed system with opening/closing pump valves.
       FUEL TANK/ENG logic and warning, as well as fuel imbalance warning and many others.
       Fuel dump system with the proper particules emissor.
  Custom air conditioning system and logic.
  EICAS automatic decluttering function.
  Engines with fire bottle discharges simulated that empty when used.
  Detailed AUTOSTART and RUNNING indicators on engine displays.
  Realistic warning/caution system with advisory messages at all 3 message levels with over 120 Messages.
  3 radio consoles that can be used with any left or right channel COMM 1 / COMM 2 plus custom transponder panel.
  Realistic baro pressure switch logic (STD, preselected, transition altitude).
  Minimum callouts based on radio altimeter or barometric altimeter.
  Detailed EGPWS  indicators on displays.
  Detailed Navigation Display (ND) with many accurate functions like Airport Map, TCAS up 20 acfs and default Weather radar.
  Display manager like in the real aircraft that shows over 10 synoptic pages in any MFD side and lower EICAS with electronic normal checklist.
  Clock and chronometer display on ND.
  Lights switch test and dim implemented.
  Display brightness is controllable.
  Custom cockpit lights.
  Tailstrike protection.

  FMCs are modeled closely after the real 747-8 ones with most menus and functions with :
       Captain and First Officer CDUs.
       Inertial Reference System (IRS) with alignment function.
       All Autopilot guindances.
       RNAV approaches (non-precision).
       FMC FIX and HOLD functions.
       FMC RTE 2
       FMC Diversion function.
       Realistic autothrottle system with engage/desengage and adv messages.
   ALl Thrust modes.
       Custom navigation data supported by Navigraph and Simbref.
       Pause on TD.

  TSS (Turbine Sound Studios) audios.
  3D localized sounds using the DreamEngine plugin, with many effects such doppler.
  Flight deck systems and avionics 3d localised sounds simulated.
  Speedbrake extended sound buzzy simulated.
  Wind sound over mainframe simulated.
  Gear extend, retract, in curse simulated.    
  Airconditioning inside and outside sounds simulated.
  APU sound start/running/shut down.
  Buttons, switches, handles, bugs , knobs sounds.
  Take off Call outs from  F.O.
  Aural Call outs.
TABLET  with extra functions, such as:
  Option to set up various panel states from “cold and dark” to “through flight”.
  Realistic fuel loader with FMC fuel prediction.
  Payload options.
  Ground service and door control.
  Wheel chocks are selectable.
  Sound control.
  Pushback function that permits joystick control.
  Cargo main deck light control (Freighter).
  Automatic save preferences.
  AVITAB compatibility function that allows use the plugin into the tablet.

Above 100 custom hardware commands.
Option to set up various panel states from “cold and dark” to “through flight”.
Friendly cokcpit actuators with labeled functions.
MCDU and Navigation displays popups.
VRfriendly, VRready.

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